Saturday, December 17, 2011

Different Version of All I Want for Christmas is You

Salam ~

Hey guys , what's up ? :D Okay , right now I'm gonna show you guys the different version of 'All I Want for Cristmas Is You' which was originally sang by Mariah Carrey (in 2009  , I guess ) . For those who didn't know , enjoy this very original version of ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS by MARIAH CAREY

I like her voice , but still , the song is SLOW and BORING . However , I still love it , so , no offence :D

Then , there's Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana who tried to sing this with her own version in 2010 (maybe) . Check this out :)

She really did a great job changing this song , Congratulations :P

And this last one is my favourite , enjoy ~

BTR and Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) :D They sound better huh ? :) This scene is taken from Big Time Rush : Big Time Christmas ^___________^

P/s : I love BTR <3 and I'm sure you do but please James's mine . So does Logan , Kendall and Carlos . Err , you guys can have the rest (Gustavo) :P Gtg , see ya in the next entry , muah <3

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